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Press Release


CHEFS, Doctors, Dietitians, Pharmacologists, Chemistry, and EVOO world experts, will present next Saturday THE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY of Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

According with the Founders of this non for profit organization “ want to finish with the way of cooking using transfats, butter, margarines and others as Coconut, Palm, Soya and sunflower, all of them full of saturated fats” EVOO-IC ACADEMY, born with a clear international spirit, linked with other worldwide Culinary Schools in USA, Latinamerica, Asia or Australia.

It will have its Location in Malaga Costa del Sol, Spain and will have the collaboration of Chefs from very well famous Restaurants under the leadership of CHEFS Daniel Garcia Peinado and Firo Vázquez and with the scientifically Support of a group of doctors, scientists, from different parts of the world.

“We will spread out through the world, the knowledge of the benefits of cooking with EVOO in order to put it in value with the support of the scientific and gastronomy community and do not stop in the mere anecdote of dressing fresh salads”· says Dr. Amérigo other Founder member of the Academy.

“We are going to invite to be part of the Board of the Academy to the best Producers of Spanish and International EVOO who will be our Ambassadors in front of the best Chefs, Restaurants and Culinary centers of the world.”

The Academy will have an Executive Board and a PATRONATO (Board of Trustees or Advisory Council) made up of Producers, Scientists, Chefs, Dietitians, Nutritionists and Gastronomic Critics, specialized internationally in the EVOO.

“Is our purpose to invite the best Chefs and Seconds, Directors of Cooking Schools, Restaurant Owners and Gastronomic experts from all over the world to be trained in Mediterranean cuisine with EVOO as a daily cooking basis”.

The Board will discuss the EVOO healthy effects, scientifically proven, in a world context, “the best showcase for our EVOO if we want to introduce them at the international level,” says CHEF Garcia Peinado. “It will not be the same if we have CHEFS and Scientists from other countries supporting our EVOO, trained in the Spanish, Mediterranean cuisine and in the new fusion cuisine”

But fundamentally what will differentiate this ACADEMY, is the basic support and training in Healthy Cooking, for example what happens when cooking with a UNHEALTHY fat rich in saturated fatty acids and how to do it in a way beneficial to the Health of consumers or customers with EVOO.

To fry, to roast, to coat with EVOO, in many cases is healthier than to cook or to take crude and of course the EVOO are the best fat for the kitchen at home or in the restaurant. Using other fats that are sold in supermarkets and that are based only on the price and that are not healthy according to the overwhelming scientific evidence, is an error that will be paid in an increase of Chronic Diseases in the coming years” says Dr.Amérigo a Dietitian and Nutritionist.

In the words of its Technical Director, CHEF Daniel García Peinado, “important aspects such as the smoke point, temperature, cooking times, anti oxidation and the transfer of phenols to food are differentiating elements in the form of cooking, besides that there is no other fat with EVOO healthy qualities”

The Academy will begin its First Course and Seminars in Benalmádena with the ESCA Catering group in Malaga. And it will also offer a SEAL for Restaurants that cook with EVOO, which will offer them a quick training in a three-day Program.

Dr.José A Amérigo says “Just as tobacco, salt or glucose drinks are coming to an end, now comes the end of consuming “high saturated cooking fats that are not healthy, and only are used because its low cost, although it seems to be Just as they are harmful to Health ”

The ACADEMY will develop research programs in GASTROLIVE LAB, along with International prestige Centers such as the University of Granada, University of Basque Country or with specific programs such as the MONELL CENTER highly specialized in Organolepsy.

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