Inauguration of Evoo Academy

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Inauguration of Evoo Academy


The Founders of the EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY, present the Headquarters, the institutional website and the Teaching Programs, Courses and Activities for 2,017. And they elect the Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Committee of their PATRONATO.

The headquarters of the ACADEMY will be in Finca los Caballeros, in Benalmádena, Málaga. A place over the Mediterranean Sea that manages the Málaga’s company ESCA CATTERING and is located between the Torrequebrada Golf Club and the health complex of the Vithal Xanit Hospitals and the Benalmadena CHARE. Benalmádena is the city where the prestigious doctor and botanist, Ibn al Baytar was born in the 13th century, A revolutionary of the world of plants, medicine and food.

Jose Maria Villalta, ESCA Group CEO, was the first to intervene to welcome and offer the facilities that will occupy the Academy and the EVOOLUTION Restaurant emphasizing the interest of his group to support this initiative that will undoubtedly result in greater knowledge about Málaga and its gastronomic possibilities.

Next, on behalf of the Founders, Dr. José Antonio Amérigo, MD, PhD, specialist in Dietetics and Nutrition, and for a few years, dedicated to Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) as a unique natural functional food and in its components both the healthy fatty acids and the phenolics compounds that are what really make the difference between healthy and not healthy vegetable fats. Dr. Amérigo is also President of the Oleocanthal International Society, which leads the study of this molecule, an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) that can be considered one of the essential factors of the healthy aspects of the Mediterranean Diet.

He explained the possibilities that the Academy offers to expand a better knowledge and use of the EVOO in both the Restoration and the daily cooking at Home combining Health and Gastronomy, basing everything on scientific evidence, Which is the only “one that can give credibility to any project that claims to talk about Healthy Eating.” He also expressed his hope that the International Contest on “BEST HEALTHY EVOO OF THE WORLD”, which has been launched among others with the ACADEMY, will allow a better knowledge of EVOO properties for its scientifically proven benefits to Health to the detriment of the use of other trans-fats (Butter and Margarine) or the very saturated ones like Coco, Palm, Soy, Sunflower, etc.

CHEF, Daniel García Peinado detailed the courses and seminars that will be carried out, in English and also in Spanish, that the ACADEMY will offer, directed mainly to international and national CHEFS and SOUS CHEFS and to all those Restaurants that want to adopt a style of Mediterranean Cuisine Obviously based on the use of EVOO for “its multiple antioxidant qualities, ideal smoke point, great anti-aging capability, longer duration, and above all because health-beneficial phenols that pass into many foods when cooked with this first class functional food “.

CHEF Firo Vázquez, one of the most charismatic CHEF in Spain, with more than 30 years of experience with EVOO, in his own Restaurant El Olivar de Moratalla and as Producer of his exquisite EVOO, La Flor de Cuquillo, talked about his Experience in Cooking with EVOO, the importance of innovating in nutritional and dietary concepts and in the need for Cooking Schools to approach these concepts as basic.

In addition, the CHEF Firo Vázquez presented GASTROLEUM ( a multimedia application for mobiles, computers, tablets and ipads, that puts the vast world of the EVOO in Spanish and English. At the world’s hand by a click. From brand information, to harvests, productions, courses, videos, recipes and everything you need to know about EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. The ACADEMY and GASTROLEUM already have an exclusive agreement of collaboration in progress by which all the info, courses etc of the ACADEMY can be followed through GASTROLEUM, as Vanesa López, Director of GASTROLEUM later said.

Escarlata González Lindgren from CENTROLOGIC presented the website of the Academy, in its first version ( highlighting the Sections it carries and the interconnection with GASTROLEUM, in order to be able to exchange and access both platforms.

Finally the FOUNDERS Group formed by the two CHEFS mentioned, Firo Vázquez and Daniel Garcia Peinado, along with Jose Luis Bergillos (Oil Shop and AOVESOL), Paco Lorenzo (President of OLEARUM), Julio Roldan SAO-AE, Juan Antonio Tello (JATELLO Laboratories, Jaén) and Clara Villanueva (OIS-Serendipity Worldwide) join Dr.Amérigo to read the COMMITMENT to the ACADEMY, announcing the positions of the Board of Directors and gave as well the varietal that each of them will represent in the ACADEMY, since every Member that belongs to it has to choose the name an Olive Varietal, from a table with more than 350 varietals from all over the world.

The Board of Directors is composed by Jose Antonio Amérigo as President, the two CHEF Garcia Peinado and Firo Vázquez as Vice-Presidents and as the rest of the Board Members, Juan Antonio Tello, Chemist of Jaén, CHEFS from the United States, Katy Spark and Maria Loi (Greece / USA), Luis Blanco, Pharmacist, Manager from Dieta Mediterranea, sl,, Gonzalo Pin, Master of Mill, from Oli Oli and CHEF, Claudia Guillaume, Chemistry from COBRAM STATE Melbourne, Australia, Jose Luis Bergillos, AOVESOL, Dr. Paco Lorenzo and Clara Villanueva (SERENDIPITY WORLDWIDE).

As Delegate in the USA was appointed Joan González Bueno based in New York and Mitchiko Shimakawa and Juan Rueda, representatives in Japan and Brazil

The EVOO ACADEMY already has agreements with various Culinary Schools of the United States and Australia.

The First Course and Seminar will start on January 16, 2012.




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