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Chef Firo Vázquez


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Mrs. Clara Villanueva

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D. José Luis Bergillos

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Dr. Francisco Lorenzo Tapia

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D. Julio Luis Roldán

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Dr. Juan Antonio Tello

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Dr.José A.Amérigo

Born in Madrid in 1945, Jose A Amerigo. MD, PhD, a family doctor specialized in Dietetic and Nutrition and Journalist. Study medicine at the Universities of Salamanca and Madrid and get Suma cum Laude in his Doctoral Thesis. After a postgraduate stage at the USA(Houston, Texas- NASA and Lovelace Foundation, Albuquerque, New Mexico) he returns to Spain to the Universidad Autónoma Madrid where he served as Professor at the Department of Physiology and at the Hospital Ramon y Cajal. He is as well a Health Journalist working for both sides, the medical and the people part. He founded through his life the Medical Trade Union or El Medico Magazin, conducting the first Health TV channel in the Spanish RTVE. Launch the first Medical TV continuing educational program with Editorial Planeta, Tele 5 and Zeppelin and the Spanish first Internet on health channel, Canal Salud with the Grupo PRISA. Introduce the Generics drugs in Spain and cofound the ASISA Lavinia s.l, private health Insurance owned by Doctors in Spain.

In 1985 meets MAYO CLINIC DIETETIC BOOK and from then until now has been working in Dietetic and Nutrition, with his own Medical Office and working in a group with several doctors in Spain. Has been Consultor for Food Companies as, SPG, Danone, Arias Bongrain, Santiveri, etc. Bursons Marsteller in 1988 contratc him to introduce in Spain the BIO of Danone, now renamed ACTIVIA.

Finally in 2012 find the “Oleocanthal” a molecule created in a natural way at the time of malaxation of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has been renowned as a Non Steroid Anti inflammatory Drug (NSAID).

Watching the important benefits of this molecule and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil healthy properties plus the Mediterranean Diet, launch with Dr. Gary Beauchamp the scientist that discover the Oleocanthal, the International Oleocanthal Association with other Americans, Greeks and Spanish colleagues. Their flag is to claim that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the best fat for cooking at home and at the restaurant. And the Mediterranean way of life as described by Ancel Keys(actual known as Mediterranean Diet) as the best Healthy Food for avoiding medical conditions as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, blood pressure, cholesterol, Alzheimer, metabolic syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis.

In 2013 convince young CHEF, Daniel García Peinado to join him and start CHEF-DOCTOR experience using EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (EVOO) as their Master tool, creating new concepts, recipes and analyzing the plates that Daniel created in a join venture.

After two years of experience, working together giving conferences, seminars, show cookings and research, in Spain and out of Spain, they launch the EVOO International Cooking Academy as a need to teach CHEFS and SOUS CHEFS to cook exclusively with EVOO because its proven under scientific evidence, benefits on health.

CHEF Daniel García Peinado

Born in Málaga in 1980, study Tourism at the UNED and Dietetic and Nutrition at FOREM, Málaga and finally his degree in “Cocina” Expert by the Consula School in Málaga.

In 2003 start to work in Hotel Burnside***** (Bowness on Windermere), England, where he learns english at the same time. In 2004 and 2005 he is at the Kursaal Restaurant, San Sebastian, Spain and with Martín Berasategui, Lasarte, Guipuzcoa. After works as Subchef and Chef in several Restaurants in Malaga Costa del Sol Hotels as Molina Lario, Cortijo Chico andy Holiday Hydros. In 2012 start as Executive CHEF in the Hotel Vincci Aleyssa, five stars in Benalmadena, Awarded three consecutive years by Trip Advisor as the best Luxury Hotel in Spain.

Here is when he establish a professional relationship with Dr.Amérigo and start a new step in Cooking Research developing new plates based on Extra Virgin Olice Oil cooking. García Peinado works with temperature concepts, point of smoke and different ways of cooking. EVOO is the star and around it flows new ideas and matching experiences supported by different research cone at the University of Granada, Spain, Department of Pharmacology, with they establish an agreement to do research and see what happen when food is fried, roasted, grilled and boiled.

In 2015 they create GASTROLIVE LAB with the collaboration of Grupo HORECA in Málaga. Here is where they launch Seminars, Show cookings and Tasting Tapas concept.

In 2015 and 2016 Garcia Peinado realize more than 30 presentations in Spain, (Ubeda, Baeza, Benalmadena, Zafra, Requena, Málaga, Marbella, Jaén, and out of Spain in USA, Minneapolis and Philadephia (Drexell University-Monell Center)

Always with the support and collaboration of different famous EVOO brands in Spain.

Daniel Garcia Peinado is Vicepresident of the Andalusian Oleocanthal Society-Spanish Association, and Vicepresident as well of the Oleocanthal International Society.

The concept of Oleocanthal a natural occurring molecule that shows up during the malaxation period of the EVOO creation juicy process, gives Garcia Peinado the opportunity to develop the Oleocanthapas, a tasting tapas but with all the healthy benefits of EVOO rich in Oleocanthal, a powerful Non Steroid Anti inflamatory Drug, similar to Ibuprofen.

Garcia Peinado has won several important Cooking Prizes, national and internationally, Vinaroz, Denia, Elche, Valladolid, Noja, Jaén, Pedroñeras, Priego de Córdoba or Olympia (Greece) and he is a member of the Spanish Chef Selection Contest in Germany 2016.

He has been the “CHEF Guest” at the Spanish Embassy in Washington US, in 2016 celebration of the “Hispanidad” (Spain National Day)

Clara Villanueva

Born in 1960 in Valladolid, Spain, she went to study English to Otawa, Canada. Back to Spain she start to work at SEARS retailers
in the Public Relation Department. Two years later she moves to IBERIA Spanish Airlines as Cabin Crew and years later as Chief of
Cabin. In this company in 1986 she makes the first Video in flight presentation as a Company welcome, that gives her a lot of fame.

She retires from the airline in 1989 and start with a company dedicated to Dietetic and Nutrition “EUROPA SALUD”, in collaboration with more than eighty different doctor’s office around Spain using a Central Dietetic Data Base.

They develop new concepts in Functional Food using different Juices with aminoacids, evaporated milk without lactose, in a join
venture with SANTIVERI one of the most important Nutritional Laboratory in Spain.

In 2006 they launch in Internet “NUTROPEDIA”, the first Enciclopaedia in Spanish about Food, Nutrition and Dietetic and” MEDIDIETA” a Dietetic and Nutritional Data Base exclusive for Doctors on Internet as well.

She Joins Dr.Amerigo’s team organizing Seminars, Conferences and participating in Show cookings. Clara Villanueva is specialized in the “backstage” of the EVOO Oleocanthal

developed activities during the last 4 year acting as General Secretary of the Andalusian Oleocanthal Society. And launch in 2015, with other US partners SERENDIPITY WORLDWIDE, a commercial attempt to introduce in United States, China, Japan and other countries the culture of the Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet, based on its HEALTHY PROPERTIES. She organizes several meetings in US, Greece and Spain during the last two years. Now she is the leader of the FAST HEALTHY FOOD Project that will have the first Pilot Restaurant in 2018.

Chef Firo Vázquez

  • CHEF and proprietor of the restaurant “El Olivar”, situated in Moratalla, en the northwest region of Murcia, Spain.
  • Spanish Hostelry National Award (Premio Nacional de Hosteleria)
  • Innovation FEHR 2014.
  • Awarded 2 SOL by Repsol guide.
  • Member of the board of Euro-Toques, association of the Chef´s of Europe.
  • Ambassador in Facyre, Spanish federation of chef´s and confectioners associations.

Expert Counsellor of the International Association QvExtra! of producers of Extra Virgen Olive Oil.

Proprietor and administrator of Aceites de Moratalla Co.

Oil taster of olive oil since 1996; Founder member of the Official Tasting Team of Olive Oil in the Region of Murcia.

President of the Cofradía Amigos del Aceite de Oliva Virgen.

  • Member of the advisory council of Madrid Woman´s Week.
  • Basketball President & Coach of Club Rayo Moratalla.

Firo is the author of the books:

* La Cocina de El Olivar de Moratalla (attaining the prize for best first chefs cookbook in the world, awarded by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, London, 13th April 2007)

* Caminando entre Oliveras (runner-up in “Cookbook Mediterranean Diet” granted by Gourmand World Cookbook awards London 3rd March 2011).

Collaborator in cookbooks:

* Dieta Mediterránea Avances en Alimentación, Nutrición y Dietética. By: Jesús Román Martínez Álvarez y Antonio Villarino Marín. Edita: Sociedad Española de Dietética y Ciencias de la Alimentación yFundación Alimentación Saludable. (2015)

* Cocina con Ajo Negro, solidarity book by Concha Bernard (2014).

* The Dozen, la creatividad que salvará el mundo, orchestrated by Txema Sánchez & ediciones Bernetta (2012).

* Guía Gastronómica ¡Por el huevo! (2010), edited by Canal Cocina, by the journalist Luis Cepeda

Innovative Projects

  • GastrOleum®, Application (App) for the dissemination and use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the kitchen.Based on a proprietary method of classification developed to harmonize food gastronomically with Extra Virgin.
  • Las Elaborinas®, Flours Processed fruit of their collaboration with the Department of Food Technology of the University of Murcia, have beenpresented in two papers Madrid Fusión 2012.
  • The Edible Charter Restaurant, with smells and no primary flavors of thedishes offered on the support itself, development of the project in collaborationwith Ms. Mª Dolores Garrido, Professor of Food Technology at the University of Murcia, in actions INDAGA group (2008).

The Restaurant El Olivar, is ranked amongst the best restaurants, selected:

  • By the Royal Academy of Gastronomy in Spain
  • by the Guia Repsol, it has been awarded 2 SOL (Suns), distinction granted by such “Manual” for gourmets.
  • Restaurant Recommended by the Guia Michelin since 2009.

Among other local and national awards:

  • *The Certification of Sello de Calidad “Excelencia Europea de Calidad EFQM”; (European Excellence Quality)
  • *The Mercurio Award for the Promotion of Tourism, awarded by the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of the Región of Murcia;
  • *The Award for Food Quality of the Región of Murcia.
  •  More than 10 years with the Q de Calidad Turística.
  • A special attraction of this gastronomic space is its Menu made with EdiblePapers, that Firo calls #EnPapHelado.


  • Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery, University Complutense of Madrid to the 5th Level.
  • Diploma in Marketing and Communication, ESIC, Madrid ( 2002)
  • Photography and Decoration, School of Arts and Crafts of Madrid (2002).

Professional Experience

Conferences & Show Cooking

He has held conferences, lectures, demonstrations and national gastronomic expositions in Spain and International cities in:

  • London (Grand Britain),
  • Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • Lyon y Toulouse (France),
  • Sofía (Bulgaria),
  • Brussels (Belgium),
  • Luzern (Switzerland),
  • Oslo (Norway),
  • Pekín y Chengdu (China)


  • Universidad Complutense, Madrid
  • Universidad de Murcia, Murcia
  • Universidad Católica San Antonio, UCAM, Murcia
  • Universidad Autónoma, Madrid
  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Aranjuez, Madrid
  • Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Pozuelo, Madrid
  • Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia
  • Universidad del Mar, Cartagena, Murcia

Hotels 5*

  • Hotel Ritz, Madrid
  • Hotel Westin Palace, Madrid
  • Hotel Urban, Madrid
  • Hotel Gran Sofia, Sofia, Bulgary
  • Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern, Switzerland


  • Expo Zaragoza 2008, Pabellon de España, Spain
  • Economic European Commission CEE, Brussels
  • Instituto Cervantes, Alcalá de Henares, London, Lyon, Toulouse, Beijing
  • European Travel Comission, ETC, Brussels, Beijing
  • Tourespaña, Chengdu, China
  • MadridFusión, Madrid, Spain
  • San Sebastián Gastronómika, Spain
  • Centro de Cualificación Turística CCT, Murcia, Spain.
  •  International Taste & Quality Institute. Brussels
  •  EuroToques Conceptions International Congress, Sofia, Bulgary
  • Spanish National TV, TVE1, A3, T5,

Scientific Publications

  • Scientific Patent P201132084 Elaborina®
  • International magazine “Prótesis Estomatológica”, Vol 14 – N 4 – 2012
  •  “Gaceta Dental”, N 262 , Octubre 2014

Jose Luis Bergillos

Born in 1 973 in Baena (Córdoba), cradle of the first EVOO Origin Denomination in Andalucia and second at national level.

He got his Civil Engineer degree, at the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid in 1.997.

Master in Bussines Administration by the Cámara de Comercio de Málaga (2007)

Address several Real State activities at la Costa del Sol, starting in 2.0

Develop Lucel Group, Investing Company

Named in January 2.015, General Executive Manager at the Puerto Marina in Benalmádena the second Marina in Andalucia.

In 2.015 launch Costa del Sol Digital newspaper.

In 2.009 launch the Internet Olive Oil Shop, one of the first portals about Olive Oil where he perform a great effort incorporating an important number of EVOO Producers, to sell their products in the Net.

And develop EVOO selling channels in several countries specially in France.

In 2.014 organize in Benalmádena the First Olive Oil Trade Fair at la Costa del Sol, Málaga in Puerto Marina, Benalmádena.

Founder partner with Jose A. Amérigo, Daniel Garcia Peinado, Julio Roldán and Clara Villanueva of the Sociedad Andaluza del Oleocanthal (2.014) where is named Vicepresident.

He take active part in the diffusion, development, communication and conferences, about the health benefits of the phenols specially Oleocanthal and Oleaceine.

In March 2.015, organize again the second EVOO Trade fair at la Costa del Sol AOVESOL in Puerto Marina Benalmadena, Malaga.

In May 2.015 participates in the inception of the Oleocanthal International Society that took place in the greek Island of Zakynthos, with Gary Bauchamp, Paul Breslin, Li Li Ji, Feliciano Priego, Dolores Luque, Prokopios Magiatis, Eleni Melliou and others. Is named Treasurer.

In October 2.015, coordinating the Second OIS Congress that is hold in the spanish cities of Ubeda and Baeza in Jaen Province.

In June 2.016, become the co-organizer of the “Health & Food” AWARDS issued by the Oleocanthal International Society at the city of Olympia in Greece.

In July 2.016, found with Daniel García Peinado, Clara Villanueva Julio Roldan and Jose Antonio Amérigo, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil International Cooking Academy. Where he is named Member of the Board

In October 2.016, is named coordinator of the Interregional Mediterranean Aristoil Project at the European Union, as representative of the Sociedad Andaluza del Oleocanthal.

Dr. Francisco Lorenzo

Born in Marbella, Málaga in 1.967

License in Surgery and Medicine at the Malaga’s School of Medicine.

Expert in Community Nutrition

Specialist in School Health

Panel Test Expert of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Promotor, founder and President of the National OLEARUM Association, Culture and Legacy of the Olive Oil

Malaga’s Delegate of FECOAN (Andalucian Federation of Confreries and Gastronomic Societies)

Author of the Book, “Spanish Oil Museums”.

First Prize AEMO 2008 for Diffusion of the Olive Culture and Prize Agustí Serés in memoriam, Molí de Ca l´Agustí 2010.

He has been diseminating the cultura of the “Gold Liquid” trough Seminars, Courses, Conferences, Panel Tests and all activities concerning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, trough all of Spain.

Participant as a Ponent in the Culture Olive Oil Forum at EXPOLIVA’s Simposium Scientific and Technic (2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015)

Technical Director of AOVESOL, Fair and Trade of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil at la Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain.(2014,2015)

Colaborator in several Media and Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and Tv, plus in all the Specialist in Olive Oil Journals in Spain (Mercacei, Olimerca, etc).

Julio Luis Roldán

Born in 1.963 in Baena (Córdoba).

Got his Architect degree at the Universidad of Sevilla in 1.988

Real State Appraiser Titled by the Bank of Spain and active today by the Sociedad de Tasacion, S.A

Collaboration with several Real State activities at la Costa del Sol.

Founder of the Andalusian Oleocanthal Society in 2.014 (SAO-AE) together with Jose A Amérigo, Daniel Garcia Peinado, Clara Villanueva and Jose Luis Bergillos.

Treasurer of the Andalusian Oleocanthal Society until today

Member of the Board of the INTERNATIONAL OLEOCANTHAL SOCIETY, Málaga, 2015.

Participates in the Panel Testing from the SAO-AE

Co organizer of the OIS Second Congress in Úbeda-Baeza, October 2015.

Member of the SAO-AE at the Interregional Mediterranean ARISTOIL Project

Dr. Juan Antonio Tello

Licenciado en Ciencias Químicas (Q. Orgánica), Universidad of Granada 1974-79.

1º Cycle Pedagogical Aptitude Course -Diplomate in Pathology by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

Management of Small-Medium Companies (Cámara Oficial de Comercio de Jaén).

Marketing and Publicity (Cámara Oficial de Comercio de Jaén).

Marketing (Universidad de Jaén-Unicorp).

Courses about Formation on Physic- Chemistry of Oils-Management of Mills and Organoleptic Tasting Panels at the Instituto de la Grasa of Sevilla (CSIC), Oliviculture.

Station at Venta del Llano en Mengíbar and the Agricultural Laboratory of Atarfe.

Courses about Implementation of Quality Systems according to ISO 9.000, at the Cámara Comercio de Jaén, Ressan Consulting and DET NORSKE VERITAS, plus presential ENAC according with ISO 17.025..

Marketing Management in the Olive Oils Sector (Universidad Antonio Machado de Baeza, March-June-2004)


Dpt.. Marketing Eli Lilly España S.A. : April-81 to April-83

Dpt. Quality Control LAFSA-Jaén: January-84 to May-84

Sales Force Dpt and Technical Assistance to Clients, May-84 to Dic-84.

Sales National Manager LAFSA: January-85 to January-88

Idem LAFSA-PALEX S.A. : February-88 to Sept-88

Regional Delegate PALEX-BRAUN S.A. : Sept-88 to Sept-89

Founder Partner, Laboratorio Agro Carolinense C.B. y OLEOCONTROL S.L. – Analysis and Packaging : Oct-89 to May-91 – Owner and Director of Oleicole Technical and Analytical Laboratory JA TELLO Jaén.

Member of Tasting Panels Virgin Oive Oil by the Accreditated Panel from ENAC.

Member of the Sociedad Andaluza del Oleocanthal, Asociación Española (October 2015).

Member of the Board of the OLEOCANTHALINTERNATIONAL SOCIETY (June 2016).Benalmádena, Málaga.

President of the Guarantee Committee of the WORLD BEST HEALTHY EVOO CONTEST, Málaga, Costa del Sol, 2017